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Important Forms & Documents

Click the above link to find all of the forms you need for Membership, Liability Release, Job Credits, AMS-USA Swimming Registration, or see the Handbook.

Online Meet Entry

To enter a meet, please first view the meet information page sent to you in your email, or at www.amswim.org and click on Meets. Once you know your events, click on the online meet entry form below:

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Masters Swimming Program

Team Pittsburgh Masters Swimming is a recreational and competitive swimming program for masters swimmers of all abilities.


For anyone interested in competitive diving, please click on the link above. You may also contact the coaches at Pittdiving@gmail.com.


Coaches Corner

Coming soon  Swimming tips from the coaching staff.

Team Pittsburgh

Team Pittsburgh is one of the top competitive swimming programs in the east. As a member of Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS) and USA Swimming, we offer a competitive youth swimming program at the finest facility in Western Pennsylvania for athletes from 6-99. For more than thirty years, we have worked at developing some of the area's elite athletes into national competitors. We rent one of the finest facilities in the country at the University of Pittsburgh's Trees Pool. Team Pittsburgh Aquatics is not owned or operated by the University of Pittsburgh.

We hope you'll join our team. If you have any questions or comments for us, please contact us.


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TEAM PITT Handbook

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TPIT Members enter a meet online by emailing Stacy.




Dan Mazzei Meet April 25-26. Entries limited to a Noon finish. Meet info will be found at www.amswim.org.




15 & O AA Minimum QT

July 10-12, 2015





Congratulations to all of our IMX participants this year: Katya Tumanov, Ella Washburn, Adam Friday, Josiah Panizzi, Natalia Panizzi, Gaia McCune, Yula McCune, Isabel Volpe, Tatyana Cook, Sada Lantgois, and Courtney Coghill. Special Congratulations to Gaia and Natalia who were high point winners for their age and to Courtney Coghill for earning runner-up high point in her age group.


2015 MOON IMX - Natalia Panizzi - High Point Winner, 10 year old girls

2015 MOON IMX - Gaia McCune - High Point Winner, 11 year old girls

2015 MOON IMX - Courtney Coghill - 15 & Over, High Point Runner-up

2014 Team Pittsburgh Summer Bash


(COMBINED TEAM - 2nd Place)

Team Pittsburgh won the 2013 Summer Sectionals Women's meet in Buffalo, NY. Our men's team placed 5th, and the combined team placed second overall. Congratulations to: Courtney Coghill, Alex Cook, Bryce Kampfe, Eric Long, Stephen Long, Nick Bertha, Brooke Waugaman, Tatyanna Sarjeant, Julie Harrison, Veronica Lee, Kate Dunseith, Maddie Marcelle, Lauren Mills, Alex Iwanicki, and Lauren Matevish.

(Women's Team Champions)


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Check out our Coaches Corner page for Articles and Tips about swimming!


For All Meet Entries, email Stacy at sbusack@pitt.edu.


Meet info can be found by visiting AMS MEETS. Make sure you check with coaches to see if meet is on Team Pitt's schedule.

Click on the "Previous Meets" page to find results.

We have been swamped with calls regarding the program. If you are interested, contact Jeff via email or by phone at 412-648-8340, with your kids names and ages. You are also more than welcome to stop by any of our practices to check things out.

Please make sure you send all billing inquiries to Marian Clark at marianc@pitt.edu.

Private instruction is available - contact Jeff to make arrangements.




Weekly Schedule

Senior Group week of 4/20
Day Morning   DRY LAND Evening     SCY Dry Notes
Mon     5-7 PM    
Tue 5:30-6:45 AM 4:45-5PM 5-7 PM    
Wed     5-7 PM    
Thu 5:30-6:45 AM 4:45-5PM 5-7 PM    
Fri     5-7 PM    
Sat None       DAN MAZZEI
Sun None       DAN MAZZEI
Mon 4/27 6-8AM   5-7 PM    
Junior week of 4/20
Day Morning Loc Evening Loc Notes
Mon     5-6:30PM    
Tue     5-6:30PM    
Wed     5-6:30PM    
Thu     5-6:30PM    
Fri     5-6:30PM    
Sat None       DAN MAZZEI
Sun None       DAN MAZZEI
Mon 4/27     5-6:30PM    
Age Group week of 4/20
Day Morning Loc Evening Loc Notes
Mon     5-6:30PM    
Tue     5-6:30PM    
Wed     5-6:30PM    
Thu     5-6:30PM    
Fri     None    
Sat None       DAN MAZZEI
Sun None       DAN MAZZEI
Mon 4/20     5-6:30PM    
Developmental Group week of 4/20
Day Morning Loc Evening Loc Notes
Mon     5:30-6:30 PM    
Tue     None    
Wed     5:30-6:30 PM    
Thu     None    
Fri     5:30-6:30 PM    
Sat None       DAN MAZZEI
Sun None       DAN MAZZEI
Mon 4/20     5:30-6:30 PM    

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